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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ha'aretz Compares Israel’s Policy of Expelling Black African Asylum Seekers to Eichmann's Expulsion of the Jews of Vienna in 1938-9

According to the Zionists' Fake (IHRA) Definition of Anti-Semitism this article in Ha’aretz is Anti-Semitic

At the present time the Israeli government, with the full support of the Israeli Labour Party, is doing its best to physically expel all its estimated 40,000 Black African asylum seekers, most of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea.  B.Michael in Israel's sole liberal daily, Ha'aretz makes the comparison between this and Adolf Eichman's policy in 1938 Austria where, between March 1938, when Hitler invaded till December 1939, Austria's Jewish population was reduced from 192,000 to 57,000.

One of the 11 examples of ‘anti-Semitism’ according to the bogus International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ is Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis’.  Not only is anti-Semitism out of control in the Labour Party but it would appear that Israel, especially its liberal press, is suffering from an epidemic!

B.Michael in his normally pungent and satirical style, compares the policy of Adolf Eichmann towards the Jews of Vienna to Israel's policy of forcing out Black African asylum seekers.  Eichmann's policy of impoverishing, terrorising and stripping Jews of their rights was considered a massive success at the time in forcing the Jews out of Austria.  Israel is only just learning how to accomplish the same feat.  Israel’s refugee population of 60,000 has already been reduced by 10,000-15,000 through a combination of tactics such as imprisonment in the desert camp at Holot, depriving them of the right to work, pogroms and racist attacks.

Israel has learnt well, as B.Michael says, from the Jews traditional enemies.  Just as the anti-Semites used every trick in the book to force out Jews so Netanyahu does the same to Black non-Jews.  But we shouldn't just blame Netanyahu. The Israeli Labour Party and its new, even more right-wing leader Avi Gabbay, is fully behind Netanyahu’s stance.  The refugees from Eritrea are bogus, no matter that every international body and human rights agency says that Eritrea is one of the worst police states in the world.
Unlike the Israeli Labour Party, Netanyahu is quite honest - it doesn't matter if the refugees are fleeing persecution - they are not Jewish
What is the crime that these refugees have committed that Israel is seeking to force them out and deport them to 3rd world countries such as Rwanda, a breach of international law in itself?  Well there are two crimes that these refugees have committed.  Not only are they not Jewish in a Jewish state but they are also Black.  Faced with this double criminality, Israel really has no choice to act if it is to preserve itself as a Jewish state. This is why a Jewish State cannot be other than a racist state.  It isn't like England, a Christian state only in so far as the head of state is head of the Church of England.  It isn't even like the Islamic state of Iran where although the law is derived from the Sharia, the 20,000 or so Jews in Iran don't suffer any civic penalties as a result.

Is Israel being racist by forcing out these refugees?  According to its own criteria it’s just seeking to preserve its racial or ethnic purity.  Indeed just accusing the Israeli state of racism is itself anti-Semitic because the IHRA definition also states that 'claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour' is anti-Semitic.

David Sheen's video is particularly shocking in that it shows how members of the Israeli government, including its present 'Culture' Minister Miri Regev deliberately fanned the fires of racism and enabled a pogrom to take place against the Africans of Tel Aviv.

It used to be the case that Jews experienced pogroms in Eastern Europe.  It is Israel's unique achievement to turn Jews into pogromists.

The last of the three articles from Ha’aretz here is about a Kenyan Jew Kimani who was deported the moment he set foot on Israeli soil.  Normally people who have converted to Judaism, are admitted under the racist Law of Return.  That includes conversions carried out by the Conservative, Liberal or Reform strands of Judaism.  Ultra Orthodox rabbis have been trying to change this to only Orthodox conversions for years but they haven’t succeeded because this would cut off the vast majority of American Jewry at a stroke.  However Kenya’s small Black African Jews have far less political clout and unlike American Jews they are not White.

Of course there are some people who will say that none of this is racist but then there are some people who deny the Holocaust and even people who say the Earth is flat.

Tony Greenstein

Israel's push to expel 45,000 African asylum seekers and migrants borrows from Eichmann's 1938 playbook for expelling Austria's Jews

B. Michael Jan 11, 2018 11:03 AM

African asylum seekers at Israel's Saharonim detention center. Ilan Assayag
Sometimes even history’s sense of humor exceeds the boundaries of good taste. This time it’s no joke; it’s not even irony or sarcasm. It’s just a bitter, sardonic spit in the face.

On March 13, 1938, Austria was annexed to the Nazi Reich amid cheers and excitement. Slightly more than five months later, on August 26, 1938 the Central Bureau for Jewish Emigration (the Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung) was opened, headed by a talented executive named Adolf Eichmann.

Its objective was to organize and expedite the expulsion of Jews from Austria. It bears remembering that in 1938, before the war, the Final Solution and the death camps, the Nazis “merely” wanted to purify the Reich of the stinking Jews swarming in it.

Eichmann, a disciplined and diligent manager, developed an efficient system for accelerating emigration: forbidding Jews to work, rescinding their rights, discriminatory and humiliating laws, confiscation of property, taxes, boycotts, exclusion, monetary incentives, turning a blind eye to acts by the racist rabble and of course, threats of imprisonment for those who refused to leave.

And it worked.
 Demonstrators for and against expulsion of asylum seekers at a Tel Aviv protest, January 9, 2018. The sign says: "The rehabilitation of south Tel Aviv begins with the expulsion of the infiltrators." Moti Milrod 
Within around three months Eichmann’s immigration authority expelled 45,000 Jews. Many others abandoned everything and fled for their lives, without availing themselves of Adolf’s services.

Most of those who remained were murdered.

The state founded by those fugitives now also has an immigration authority. It, too, is essentially an expulsion authority. It deals with exporting members of inferior races and religions. Recently it has been assigned the weighty task of expelling 45,000 burdensome blacks. They are burdensome because they aren’t white, and also a bit because they aren’t Jews.
Holot internment camp in the Negev desert

They are non-Jews and blacks, which is really too much.

For years the Israeli expulsion network has been using against them the entire arsenal of abuses that proved itself in Eichmann’s office – forbidding them to work, denying them rights, passing discriminatory and humiliating laws, taxes, boycotts, exclusion, monetary incentives, turning a blind eye to the acts of the racist rabble and of course, threats of imprisonment for those who refuse to leave.

But it’s not working so well. Blacks, it turns out, are like crabgrass. They aren’t easy to uproot. There was no choice but to ceremoniously announce an “operation.”

The Population, Immigration and Border Authority is also seeking to hire workers; expulsion workers. Help wanted ads were published in newspapers, and one of the prerequisites is “experience in this field of endeavor.” There are lots of Jews with related experience, but most of them experienced it as expellees, not as expellers, and that’s not what’s required.

Nor is there any point in approaching veterans of the Nakba – when more than 700,000 Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes during the War of Independence. They’ll deny it ever happened. It seems, therefore, that the best list of those with “experience” can be found in Yad Vashem. The immigration authority ought to look there.

This operation to deport refugees is a co—production of Interior Minister Arye Dery and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. They’ve allotted two years to the mission of expelling 45,000 shvartzes. How shameful! Eichman and his team at the Central Bureau for Jewish Emigration expelled 45,000 Jews in a few months. Dery, Erdan and their team at the Central Bureau for the Emigration of Shvartzes need two years to expel an equal number of people. Oy vey, look how we fall short. We obviously still have a lot to learn from them. But we can at least say that we’re moving in the right direction.

Only Ms. History looks at us from above, with a malicious smile on her face as she sees the persecuted become the persecutor, the refugee become the expeller, the uprooted become the uprooter, the oppressed become the oppressor, the beaten become the beater, the trampled become the trampler. “It’s true,” she whispers to herself, “I really am repeating myself. But I find this role reversal exceedingly funny.”

I don’t find it funny at all. My parents were expelled from Vienna. My country is desecrating their memory.

B. Michael

Haaretz Contributor

Haaretz and Ilan Lior Jan 09, 2018 6:25 

Multiple African asylum seekers who were forcefully deported from Israel suffered abuse, detention and torture after they were made to take hazardous journeys when they were sent away from the Jewish state, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said in a rare statement released Tuesday.

The UN refugee agency's statement, which quoted a speech by agency spokesperson William Spindler, noted that the agency conducted research into the subject and highlighted 80 individual cases of people who risked their lives after they were relocated by Israel and then had to make hazardous journeys to Europe through Libya.

According to the world body, its staff conducted interviews with the asylum seekers in question to better understand their plight. "Feeling they had no other choice, they travelled many hundreds of kilometers through conflict zones in South Sudan, Sudan and Libya after being relocated by Israel," the statement recounted the difficult experiences of the asylum seekers as they were told to UN staff who interviewed them in Italy.

The interviews took place between November 2015 and December 2017 in reception centers and informal encampments around Rome. All the interviewees are adult men, and some are reported to have family members still living in Israel. They all came into the Jewish state via the Sinai area, and the UN statement said that "in every case they reported torture, mistreatment and extortion before reaching Israel." 

The statement went on to say that the men suffered "abuse, torture and extortion before risking their lives once again by crossing the Mediterranean to Italy" after Israel had sent them away.

The refugees also reportedly told UN staff that they were transferred from Israel to countries in Africa with very little money to support them later on their way, and that when they arrived they faced minimal accommodation and limited aid. "They reported feeling unsafe many experienced extortion and detention," the statement stressed.  

The statement also lamented the fact that while Israel has become a temporary shelter for tens of thousands of asylum seekers, "since Israel took over refugee status determination from UNHRC in 2009, only ten Eritreans and one Sudanese have been recognized as refugees."

The agency called on Israel to halt its planned deportation of thousands of asylum seekers, namely those who fled to Israel from Eritrea and Sudan and are now slated to be sent back to the African continent.

The UNHCR "is seriously concerned over Israel's plans announced on January 1st to forcibly relocate Eritreans and Sudanese to countries in Africa or have them face indefinite detention," the statement said. "At a time when UNHCR and partners in the international community are engaged in emergency evacuations from Libya, forced relocation to countries that do not offer effective protection and the onward movement of these people to Libya and Europe is particularly worrisome."

The agency extended an offer to help Israel in finding other possible ways to handle the situation, saying that it "stands ready to work with Israel to find alternative solutions for the protection needs of asylum seekers, in line with international standards. This includes resettlement out of Israel, as has happened previously."

Last week, Israel's Population, Immigration and Border Authority announced that it was launching its campaign to begin ridding Israel of its African asylum seekers, declaring that many Eritrean and Sudanese nationals will have to leave the country within the coming months or be incarcerated indefinitely.

There are some 35,000 Eritrean and Sudanese natives living in Israel, who have another 5,000 children who were born here. The overwhelming majority of the adults have temporary visas that they must renew every three months. The next time many of them come to renew their visas, they will be told it is the last renewal and that they will have to leave before the visa expires. The authority will propose that they either return to their countries of origin, or leave for Uganda or Rwanda.

Plan to bring 40 Ugandan converts on an Israel tour is at risk amid fears the participants wouldn't be allowed in, officials at the Jewish Agency and world Conservative movement say

Judy Maltz Jan 04, 2018

Plans to bring a first-ever group of Ugandan Jews to Israel on a Birthright trip are in jeopardy following the recent deportation of a member of their community.

The group of 40 Ugandans had been scheduled to arrive in Israel in late May on the free 10-day trip available to young Jewish adults from around the world. But Birthright officials are now concerned the group may be turned away upon arrival, just as 31-year-old Yehudah Kimani was, because the immigration authorities do not consider them Jewish.

The trip has been in the planning for two years.

The prospective participants all belong to the Abayudaya community, which has been practicing Judaism for more than 100 years. Its members, however, only underwent formal conversions over the past 15 years, most of them under the supervision of Conservative rabbis.

In late December, Kimani, who hails from Kenya but lived for a year among the Abayudaya while converting, was detained upon entering Israel and deported the following morning, even though he had a valid tourist visa.

On Wednesday, at a special session of the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, an Interior Ministry official defended the decision to deport Kimani and insisted he was not Jewish despite his conversion.

According to officials at the Jewish Agency and world Conservative movement, following Kimani’s deportation, Birthright notified them of its intention to cancel the trip from Uganda, fearing a similar fiasco when the group arrived. Marom Olami, the young adult division of the world Conservative movement, has helped arrange details of the itinerary.

According to the officials, the Jewish Agency and world Conservative movement persuaded Birthright to refrain from any drastic moves at this point. Birthright officials responded that they would consider moving forward with the trip if two conditions were fulfilled: only Ugandans who converted after 2009 would be allowed to participate, and every participant would obtain prior approval from the Interior Ministry.

In response to a request for comment on Thursday, Birthright said: "Birthright Israel has received a request to bring a group of Jewish young adults from Uganda and is currently examining it."

The Abayudaya community is estimated to number between 1,500 and 2,000 members. Most were converted in 2002, before a smaller wave in 2008.

Only in 2009, however, did they join the world Conservative movement, and for that reason, the Jewish Agency only recognized the Abayudaya as an official Jewish community from that year. The assumption is that anyone who was converted after 2009 will have a better chance of entering Israel. (Kimani, however, was converted in 2010, and that did not prevent him from being deported.)

Yehudah Kimani blows the shofar with his son. Courtesy of Francis Kimani
The status of the Abayudaya community has been under discussion between the Conservative movement, the Jewish Agency and the Interior Ministry for the past five years. The ministry still does not recognize members of the community as Jewish and, in response to queries over the years, has said it is still studying the matter. The ministry has the final say on who gets recognized as a Jew in Israel and who is allowed to enter the country.

Asiimwe Rabbin, a 28-year-old member of the community, applied last year to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return after visiting the country. Anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent or a Jewish spouse, or anyone who has converted in a recognized Jewish community (regardless of the affiliation) is eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return.

Last week, Rabbin received a letter from the Jewish Agency notifying him that, for the meantime, his request had been rejected because the Interior Ministry had still not recognized the Abayudaya community as Jewish. Any decision on the matter, the letter warned, “can take several years.”

Jewish Agency representatives met last week with Interior Ministry officials hoping to obtain guarantees that the Birthright group from Uganda would be welcomed into Israel. No agreement of substance came out of the discussion, and a follow-up meeting has been scheduled for next week.

Birthright has brought more than 500,000 participants to Israel from 67 countries since its inception in 1999. Several members of the Abayudaya community have taken part in other programs in Israel in recent years, but this would be the first time such a large group was coming.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

EXCLUSIVE – Rogue Anti-Semitic Palestine Solidarity Group in Teesside claims affiliation to National PSC

PSC nationally has suspended Teesside Organiser Mehdi Husaini from membership but it is essential that he is expelled

Mehdi Husaini (left) calls for zero tolerance but it doesn't apply to racism - none of the other persons in this photo have anything to do with Husaini's antisemitic politics.   
This is not a story of fake anti-Semitism such as the Jewish Labour Movement alleges against activists.  This is not about the defence of the racist Israeli state.  It is about people, one person in particular, Mehdi Husaini, who regularly posts virulently anti-Jewish material.  I don't know whether he personally hates or dislikes Jews nor do I much care.  I am quite prepared to believe that he welcomes Jewish anti-Zionists but on the other hand he is prepared to post and distribute the most offensive and vicious anti-Semitic material and at the end of the day it is not his subjective intentions but what he does that matters.

We are therefore calling for PSC nationally to expel him as soon as possible and for members of Teesside PSC Facebook group and members of the local group to dissociate themselves from him as soon as possible.

From Exeter to the Orkneys you will find on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign website over 50 local groups with more springing up all the time.  Palestine is a popular cause.  Unfortunately there isn’t one, yet, in Teesside.  Instead there is a bogus group claiming to be one in Teesside.  It is not, however recognised by PSC nationally and it doesn’t appear on the list of groups.

This group is headed by a certain Mehdi Husaini, a retired university academic who is also active in the Universities and Colleges Union and a member of the Labour Party.  The group has never applied for PSC recognition, even though it insists on using the PSC name on its publicity materials and social media. That Mehdi Husaini and some of the group around him have difficulty in telling the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism would likely mean that any application to achieve official recognition would be rejected without some drastic changes in the group. 
Husaini has previously stood as a Labour candidate for Middlesborough Council

As is well known, Zionist groups make accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ against all of their critics. In 99%+ cases these allegations are bogus, false and often libellous.  However, just as a stuck clock is right twice a day, so Zionists occasionally get it right too.  We should be aware of the following:

i.                    One reason that some people can’t tell the difference between hostility to Jews and hostility to Israel/Zionism is because supporters of Israel repeatedly attack all supporters of the Palestinians and opponents of Zionism as anti-Semitic.  The Zionist movement has done its best to associate the crimes of Zionism and Israel with that of all Jewish people.

ii.                  The primary responsibility for the growth of what is termed ‘anti-Semitism’ is that of Israel’s supporters and the Zionist movement.  Many people are fooled into believing that the self-proclaimed ‘Jewish state’ speaks on behalf of all Jews and are therefore fooled into making ‘anti-Semitic’ comments or statements.  We should be extremely tolerant and understanding of this phenomenon and part of the job of the solidarity movement is to educate people who are deceived by Zionism into making stupid and anti-Semitic comments. 
It seems every atrocity in the world is based in Israel!
iii.                These people are not anti-Semites.  They are not hostile to Jews on a racist basis but they have been taken in by Zionist and Establishment propaganda.  However there are some people, of which Mehdi Husaini is a good example, who refuse to learn or educate themselves.  They should be cut off from the movement.

iv.                However that does not absolve us from making it clear that support for the Palestinians has nothing to do with racism, be it anti-Jewish racism or racism in general.
v.                  Anti-Semitism is of no help to the Palestinians.  Historically anti-Semitism and Zionism were seen as two sides of the same coin.  The anti-Semites wanted Jews to leave the countries of their birth and the Zionists agreed that they didn’t belong.  Without anti-Semitism there would have been no Zionism.
Mehdi Husaini refuses to accept that the Teeside PSC group is unrecognised by PSC nationally
 The Teesside PSC group has two main social media outlets:  it has a Facebook group and a Facebook page.  Husaini has repeatedly posted antisemitic material in the group, on his personal timeline and in posters for promoting actions.

A couple of weeks ago I was alerted to the fact that there was a PSC group in Teesside which was publishing overtly anti-Semitic imagery and articles on its Facebook group and in its promotional materials.  The administrator of the Facebook group and chair of ‘Teesside PSC’, Mehdi Husaini, kept posting articles that were anti-Semitic. Sometimes, he apologised for his ‘mistakes’ when the nature of the content was pointed out.  Of course anyone can make a mistake once or even twice but when they repeatedly make mistakes of the same nature then it is clear that there is a political problem.  But in many cases he simply denied that they are anti-Semitic and accused group members of being racist against him for expressing concern about it.

Husaini has long been involved in campaigning for progressive causes and has served on a number of equality bodies, including as chair of the now-defunct Racial Equality Council Cleveland.  And the Teesside group did organise some useful actions opposing Israel’s military attacks on Gaza at the time of its formation in 2014. As Husaini became increasingly active on social media, however, his willingness to endorse anti-Semitic material has become more apparent.
Huaini reaches into the depths of the political sewer to find material for his hate filled posts

The first example was a poster promoting a Teesside PSC protest against Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which was held in Middlesbrough on 16 December 2017.  Of course that’s a worthy cause and the group was right to feel outrage at Trump’s actions, but was it really necessary for the event poster to include an image which portrays a Hasidic Jew rubbing his hands with glee over a globe and the slogan "Zionism, the cancer of the earth"?

But that turned out to be nowhere near the worst of it as, looking through the Teesside PSC Facebook group, I saw that Husaini had repeatedly used it to promote some truly vile anti-Semitic propaganda.

In January 2016, he shared an 'Ancient Swastika' video titled 'Lord Rothschild and the Illuminati New World Order', which starts off going on about the Rothschilds, cites the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion (4:48) and then shows a sermon by Pastor Ray Hagins in which he claims that Adolf Hitler has been defamed as a mass murderer when he was merely trying to"cleanse the world" of Jewish "liars and deceivers". The second half of the film is a eulogy to the Fuhrer, showing him in sympathetic scenes such as being kind to children. The original video can be viewed here.

In July 2017, he posted an article from a white supremacist website,, titled 'Jews caught operating White sex slavery ring in Israel', which argues that white men "need to deal with the Jewish problem, sooner rather than later". Full link Jews caught operating White sex slavery ring in Israel

In December 2017, members of the Facebook group were treated to a delightful film called 'The Israeli Lobby - a danger to the world', which commences with former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad's notorious antisemitic lecture claiming that Jews invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy as part of their plot to achieve world domination.

A particular favourite of Husaini’s is the ‘Real Jew News’ website of far-right ranter Brother Nathanael Kapner, who publishes articles and videos warning how “Jewry is destroying Christianity throughout the world”. Here’s one example from that.
Mehdi Husaini posts anti-Semitic and racist stuff like this regularly whilst denying that there is a problem - he also refused to stand down as Administrator of the Facebook Group and blocked me and others instead
As you can see from the screenprints, Husaini has faced some challenge to his social media output and a number of people joined in the fray, including myself, criticising his actions and trying to explain the difference between Jews and Zionists, Judaism and Zionism, etc.  Sadly, these interventions were in vain as Husaini responded that his posts couldn’t be anti-Semitic because X, Y or Z member of the group had ‘liked’ them and accusing his critics of being racist against him.

In another incident, Husaini claimed a video showed IDF troops attacking Palestinian demonstrators, but it was actually film of Moroccan police using violence against protesters in Morocco.

He offered this pitiful defence to challenges from myself, Steve Cooke, Barbara Campbell and other activists recently:

Defence to challenges from myself, Steve Cooke, Barbara Campbell ant need to defend myself [against] those who do politics sitting on chairs. Never seen participating in demos which were organised. You do not know what hate means. I have suffered from it being a black and a Muslim. I have always fought throughout my life against racism, Xenophobia, Fascism, Zionism. Please stop the tirade against me being black. If you dont like then tough. Dont be a judge of everything I do Mr Cooke & Mr Greenstein & Ms Campbell & leave.r
Husaini's pathetic response to accusations of antisemitism - 'I'm black'!

Sadly, despite the Facebook group having over 400 members, very few other than those named have been willing to challenge Husaini’s antics and those who do tend to be thrown out of, and banned from, the group – as indeed has now happened to the activists named above.

When Steve Cooke, the Teesside-based comrade who tipped me off about these goings-on, contacted key group member Nader Alhussain to express concerns about the anti-Semitic poster for the 16 December protest, expecting that he would be able to talk some sense into the group’s leader, Alhussain reacted by blocking him on Facebook rather than raising the issue with Husaini.

Other members have said they shared our concerns about the anti-Semitic politics of Husaini, but they have been reluctant to take a strong stand against Husaini, at least not in public.  A number have also reported that they no longer take part in the Teesside group’s activities because of its vile rhetoric, which they feel undermines the credibility of the Palestinian liberation cause.

But there has been an encouraging development in the last few days.  Comrade Cooke reported his concerns to the PSC national office and they have taken steps to address them.  Just before this blog went to press, PSC national secretary Ben Soffa wrote to Steve and myself as follows:

“PSC's Executive Committee agreed that an interim suspension was appropriate in this case, which will remain in place whilst the investigation into Mr Husaini's compliance with our constitution takes place. This will now take place over the coming weeks before going back to the Executive for decision at its next meeting. This will be its first meeting after our AGM next Saturday, so the date can't be confirmed until new members are consulted, but provisionally, I'd expect this to be on the 10th of February.

“We are dealing with the status of the Teeside group as a separate matter, as whilst clearly Mehdi Husaini is a significant part of that group, we would wish to address those leading it more generally.”

 Husaini has gathered around him a number of people who are either sympathetic to him or unwilling to challenge him.  These include Len Junier, who is a former Labour councillor who has now left the Labour Party.  He won't say anything against Mehdi.   

Another member is one Jolanda Fitzgerald, who is a Green Party member, She was the Green Party’s PPC at the last election.  Her politics seem to have moved towards conspiracy theories.

Mehdi Husaini has a long track record.  He was chair of Cleveland’s Racial Equality Council for many years.  However, the organisation collapsed in the late 1990s after it was taken to an employment tribunal for racial discrimination and lost the case.  See Widlinski v Racial Equality Council of Cleveland and others [1996] IT/38275/96

Here is a video made of a demonstration on 26 July 2014 against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge attack on Gaza when over 2,200 Palestinians including 551 children were murdered. - including speech by Mehdi Husaini from 17:05.

You can see here an album of photos from the 26 July 2014 demo: 

Tony Greenstein 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Jewish Chronicle ‘Journalist’ Marcus Dysch Threatens to sue Tony Greenstein for Libel

Dysch Doesn’t Like Being Called a Racist – I don’t like being Called an anti-Semite!


Help Me Defend This Action Against the Zionist Liars and Defamers

Well I woke up today to be greeted by a friendly message from Marcus Dysch threatening me with libel.  Which immediately presented me with a problem.  Having gone to bed rather late, I didn’t get up till 11.30 and therefore I missed the 11 am deadline.  I therefore had no choice but to respond to the effect that wild horses or even a free lunch with JC Editor Stephen Pollard wouldn’t persuade me to delete the said tweets.

 Mr Greenstein

You have until 11am this morning to delete your libellous tweets calling me a racist.

If they are not gone at that point I will instruct a lawyer.


Dysch is a journalist who takes a perverse pride in seeing how many mistakes he can cram into one article. In Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate hearings which is not on the JC’s  site, Dysch excelled himself.  First there were two photographs of Moshe Machover and Jackie Walker in the article which were captioned Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker!

Dysch is the most poisonous member of the Jewish Chronicle’s staff.  A die hard Zionist, smear and libel are his only talents.  Compared to him, his predecessor Martin Bright was a man of the Enlightenment.  Most journalists, even those on the JC I have dealt with usually make some attempt to contact you before going into print.  Not so Dysch. 

It would seem that Marcus Dysch, the Jewish Chronicle’s sour-faced Political Editor is a sensitive soul underneath.  He can dish it out but he can’t take it.  Accusations and insinuations of anti-Semitism are his stock in trade but he squeals when accused of being a racist.  Dysch apparently objects to this and similar tweets

Dysch describes me as 'noxious' for criticising Louise Ellman - a supporter of Israeli child abuse
In his article in last week's Jewish Chronicle Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate hearings Dysch referred to proposed disciplinary hearings against Marc Wadsworth, Jackie Walker and myself.  After I sent a letter to the editor, the headline was changed to Suspended Labour activists plan to picket party’s antisemitism disciplinary hearings although the content remains the same including a reference to ‘Jew-hatred.’  Needless to say it was littered with his usual mistakes.

it seems there's something Dysch doesn't want me to read!!
In the same article Dysch referred to the bogus 'International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance' definition of anti-Semitism as the International Holocaust Memorial Alliance.  Things could only get better.

Dysch alleged that I had been suspended for ‘writing offensive blogs’ about Louise Ellman MP.  Not so.  My first blog on Ellman was written on 20th June 2016 whereas I was suspended on March 18th 2016.  I assume that even Dysch can count beyond 3 months. 

Dysch also stated as fact that Marc Wadsworth had been suspended for ‘verbally abusing’ Ruth Smeeth MP.  Not so, this was an allegation.  People are still innocent until proven guilty.  This 'mistake' of course is perfectly understandable.  Dysch is  more at home with an Israeli ‘justice’ system in which the Military Courts achieve conviction rates of 99.74% (only Palestinians of course, Jewish settlers get to go before civilian courts). I doubt if even Stalin achieved that rate of success and Hitler certainly didn’t. 

Dysch should though be congratulated for spelling our 3 names right. But then again it's possible a sub-editor corrected them.

Dysch's lie that my attack on Ellman was because she was Jewish rather than that she was a supporter of Israeli abuse of Palestinian children

Already Dysch and the Jewish Labour Movement have the knives out for Yasmin Dar, the new Asian member of the NEC
In another article Dysch wrote that veteran Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman had been racially abused in blog posts written by Mr Greenstein.’  This is not only a lie it is racist.  It assumes that all Jewish people are Zionists and therefore if you criticise anyone who is Jewish you are automatically anti-Semitic.  I said nothing about Ellman’s ‘race’ nor did I mention that she was Jewish. Being Jewish was irrelevant. The fact that she was a Zionist was significant. 

Perhaps I’ve racially abused the non-Jewish Joan Ryan MP too for making similar comments? What I criticised Ellman for was her behaviour in a debate on Israeli abuse of Palestinian children in January 2016 when 3 times she intervened to defend the Israeli military.  Dysch, is incapable of reporting such simple facts.

It would be churlish to go through all Dysch’s mistakes and malevolence and it is hard to distinguish one from the other. There used to be a tradition that newspapers didn’t mix fact and comment. It is a tradition that Dysch is oblivious to. 
Dysch simply made up a statement by PSC Director Sarah Colborne accusing Palestinians opposed to Israel's attack on Gaza as being anti-Semitic
Dysch has become obsessed with the possibility that it may prove more difficult expelling Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and myself for ‘anti-Semitism’ because there is no evidence that we are anti-semitic and there is a limit to even the inventive skills of McNicol's hacks.  As the article below shows, Dysch is not beneath inventing a quote or two when it suits his purpose (such as a lack of anything to write).
Dysch was severely censured for making up an 'anti-semitic' quote from PSC Director Sarah Colborne
The JLM are shameless - fearing that there is no evidence to justify expulsion they are putting overt pressure on the NEC & Corbyn to ensure that Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth & Tony Greenstein are expelled
What we are seeing is a growing desperation by the Zionists.  Only today Jeremy Newmark, the perjurer from the Jewish Labour Movement was visiting Jeremy Corbyn's office to put the pressure on to ensure that Jackie, Marc and myself are expelled.  Newmark knows the evidence doesn't stack up so he is trying to exert naked political power.  The fact that Christine Shawcroft was my silent witness at my investigaative meeting apparently is seen as relevant by these people. 

It is essential that Corbyn's office give a full account of what transpired today and dispel the impression that the JLM, the British branch of the racist Israeli Labour Party, is being bought off at the expense of expelling anti-racists from the Labour Party.

Some of my more recent posts involving Dysch include:

Up till today Dysch had resisted the temptation to respond to me directly.  Silence was clearly the better part of valour.  For example I wrote to him on the 18th December 2017 in response to a letter he had sent to a good friend of mine:

Mr Dysch,

XXXX has kindly forwarded me a copy of your email exchange.  I have a few comments.

You are much mistaken if you think I have questioned Louise Ellman's loyalty to this country.  I am not concerned with loyalty to states or nations.  I prefer to think of adherence to certain universal values such as human rights and anti-racism as being of greater import.  Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel and I am neither a patriot nor a scoundrel.

My jocular reference to Ellman as being the MP for Tel Aviv South is on a par with my reference to the non-Jewish Joan Ryan as the MP for Jerusalem Central.  In the days of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, we called John Carlisle, the Tory MP for Luton North, the MP for Pretoria.  Perhaps you think that too was racist?

Carlisle's allegiances were with the South African Apartheid State and Ms Ellman and Ryan's allegiances are with the Israeli apartheid state.  There is nothing, contrary to your silly assertion in the Jewish Chronicle, in the least anti-semitic about such an accusation.

In a week when a double amputee in Gaza, posing no threat to anyone, was murdered by an Israeli sniper with all the legal impunity that Israel grants its military killers, it is right and proper to call out MPs like Ellman for their support of Israel's egregious human rights violations and its   normative racism.

I know of course that nothing Israel does will disturb the conscience of an apologist for Israel's crimes such as you. The murder I described above or Liebermann's attack on the Arabs of Wadi Ara this week, that they do not belong, probably passed you by.  As a Zionist these are things to keep within the family.

I note that you referred to me as 'noxious'.  I don't believe that we have met so what you are really referring to are my opinions.  There was a time when Jewish Chronicle columnists, of the calibre of Chaim Bermant and TR Fyvel stuck to criticising someone's argument rather than attacking the messenger.  I realise that it that this would be rather difficult for you and so the making of personal insults is a necessary substitute.

Please be assured though that I take being attacked by a racist journalist for being 'noxious' as a compliment.  Long may I be harmful to journalistic toe rags such as yourself.

Kind regards

Tony Greenstein

As you can see I had already called Dysch a racist and I have no doubt that in his uncritical support for all of Israel’s acts that is the only fair description of him.

Many thanks for your email.

Given your repetition of Mr Greenstein’s suggestion that Mrs Ellman’s loyalty to this country is in question due to her comments on Israel, I can only assume you too are overly familiar with the sort of antisemitism you bizarrely appear to be attributing to me.

And I did mean noxious, which by any definition can mean “very unpleasant”. It could just as easily be applied in your own case.


But I have something to ask of you dear readers
Just over a month ago, I launched a crowdfunding appeal for £25,000.  So far it has reached just over £7,000 – 28% of the target.  My appeal was to fund a libel action against the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and also to bring an Injunction against Labour’s Crooked General Secretary Iain McNicol.

The latter task was accomplished successfully and without any cost (Crooked McNicol funded it via a costs order!).  It has thrown the expulsions of Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and myself into disarray.  The launching of proceedings against the CAA is imminent.  But now I need to defend myself from this racist toe rag of a journalist who is suing me.  For that I will need to obtain further legal advice and in the area of libel law that does not come cheap.  If Dysch were to succeed on some legal technicality then it would not just  be me who is affected.  Dysch will have access to unlimited funding from Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan’s slush fund.  So that is why I ask you to do 2 things.

1.      IF you can afford it please make a donation
      Whether you can afford it or not please share and circulate my appeal widely in the movement and on social media  We cannot allow the Zionists to silence us.

If you are able to make a donation please click my Crowdfunding Appeal

More on Dysch

If Dysch seriously believed I was responsible for removing Anne Black then he is more stupid than he looks

The original post by Dysch attacking Corbyn for allegedly associating with a holocust denier also said that the massacre of over 100 Palestinian women and children at Deir Yassin was simply an 'allegation' - this was later corrected but without mentioning that the article had been corrected - a breach of journalistic ethics until Asa Winstanley pointed this out to Pollard
In an article attacking Jeremy Corbyn, Dysch referred to the Deir Yassin massacre as 'alleged' - even David Ben Gurion apologised for the cold blooded murder of over 100 Palestinian civilians but to Dysch, this was just an allegation.  JC Editor Stephen Pollard, after criticism, deleted the word 'alleged' but failed to explain at the bottom of the article, as is good journalistic practice, that an alteration had been made until it was pointed out to him that screen prints had already been taken